Review of ABA Productions’ “Waiting for Godot”

Title of performance: Waiting for Godot Theatre Company: ABA productions in association with AC Productions, Dublin, Ireland Date of performance: 12 October 2012 Performance venue: DBS Arts Centre – Home of the SRT A long-awaited production of Samuel Beckett’s acclaimed absurdist play came to our shores recently. Based on the tale of two tramps, Vladimir […]

Review of “Tell me when to laugh and when to cry” by Peter Sau

Title of performance: Tell me when to laugh and when to cry (part of the 2nd season of The Studios) Date of performance: 8 August 2012 Performance Venue: Esplanade Theatre Studio “It’s a place to make truth when we need truth, make fiction when we need fiction, make chaos when we need chaos, make imagination […]

Review of W!ld Rice’s “La Cage Aux Folles”

Title of performance: La Cage Aux Folles (French translation – the cage of madwomen) Theatre Company: W!ld Rice Date of performance: 22 July 2012, matinee Performance Venue: Esplanade Theatre Pink. Lots of pink. And, pink. It takes a whole lot of courage, and dollars, to stage La Cage Aux Folles (pronounced ler-karge-oh-fall) in all its […]

When progress is no Boon – Review of “Boom” by Sight Line Productions

Title of performance:  Boom Theatre Company:   Sight Line Productions Date of performance:   5 July 2012 Performance Venue:  DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT What is the cost of progress? Shall it be blood on a bureacrat’s hands, neighbourly disputes, tensions running high in families? In land-scarce Singapore, when something old needs to […]

We Heart Emma – a memorial concert and fundraiser for The Emma Yong Fund

Camaraderie. A word that came to mind after attending “We Heart Emma”, a memorial and fundraising concert for the late Emma Yong. Familiar strains filled the Esplanade Concert Hall as guests streamed in to Emma’s splendid rendition of “When all the tears have dried” (Dick Lee, Stephen Clark for Sing to the Dawn). And it […]

Spilling the beans (weekly highlights) 16 – 23 May

ARTS ARE FOR ALL. This page is a new initiative by Jtbeans, to bring you her take on what’s interesting to take a look at in Singapore! She might not have the time or resources to review all of the upcoming highlights, but hopes that you will have a chance to head on down before […]