Spilling the beans (weekly highlights) 6 June – 13 June

1. Unheard voices of the Red Light District This exhibition put up by Dixie Chan and Felicia Low of Project X showcases the lives of 9 anonymous women who work in the red light district in Singapore. It’s a multimedia installation that aims to create awareness about the issues these women face. As most of […]

Shadow spaces: Photographs of the Old Supreme Court by Sean Dungan

This was a bit of a hit and miss. The teaser on the brochure promised a revelation of “rough, ephemeral beauty” and “naturally illuminated empty spaces of the Old Supreme Court and other buildings”. But what I did encounter at the Asian Civilisations Museum were naturally empty spaces in its under-visited gallery. Jokes aside, Los […]

Retrospective photography exhibition: Abbas Attar

It was a bright and sunny day today, almost too bright for my liking, but I did have a chance to visit the “Abbas: 45 years in photography” exhibit at the Singapore national museum.  Mind-blowing to say the least,  it almost gave me the same awesome feeling and afterglow I had after the Yousuf Karsh […]