Cozy up to Judee Tan from Crazy Christmas 2012 (An interview)

This month, we speak to Judee Tan from “Crazy Christmas 2012 – Silver Screen Meets Silver Bells”, and learn more about Dream Academy Productions’ upcoming festive extravaganza!   1. We’ve seen you as Kim Bong Cha on “The Noose”, and cracked up at your parodies in the Chestnut series. What character or parody will we be […]

Highlights of National Heritage Board’s Night Festival 2012

The National Heritage Board’s 5th instalment of the Night Festival was bigger than ever, ranging from The Cathay building, to Armenian Street. Suffice to say that I was not particularly impressed. Some of the offerings of this year’s Night Festival masqueraded as something of cultural value, and the event was really just a mish-mash of […]

Review of “Vertical Road” by The Ruminating Squirrel

I just received news that the Singapore Arts Festival will take a hiatus next year. While I puzzle over that decision, am grateful for yet another guest review on a recent dance performance at the arts fest. This review was written by my friend and colleague, The Ruminating Squirrel!   Title of performance:  Vertical Road […]