Cozy up to Judee Tan from Crazy Christmas 2012 (An interview)

This month, we speak to Judee Tan from “Crazy Christmas 2012 – Silver Screen Meets Silver Bells”, and learn more about Dream Academy Productions’ upcoming festive extravaganza!

1. We’ve seen you as Kim Bong Cha on “The Noose”, and cracked up at your
parodies in the Chestnut series. What character or parody will we be
expecting to see from you in Crazy Christmas?

Judee: I will performing Dr Teo Chiew Moi again this time round. Audiences have
seen her first appear in The Hossan Leong Show, and most recently in Happy
Ever Laughter. I won’t reveal too much…don’t wanna let the cat out of
the bag.
And since it’s a Christmas show and this year’s theme is Silver Screen
Meets Silver Bells, I will be dolled up glamourously (Thank God!) and
singing and prancing around on stage too. Yippee!

2. This is your first time starring in Crazy Christmas. Are you excited to
be part of this star-studded musical revue? What makes this year’s show a

J: Yes I am uber excited because I just LOVE being in Crazy Fun shows! NO
agenda, no doctrine no deep messages – just pure fun and joy. It’s really
the greatest way to spread the festive spirit!

3. Tell me a little more about the mysterious Merry Miss-el’toes and the
musical numbers on the show this year. I heard there will be a swinging
band with strings!

J: They aren’t mysterious! They are bubbly, cheery, lovely and wonderfully
talented. They will be keeping the audiences on their toes with their high
kicks and sexy moves. The numbers are choreographed by Andy Cai, who is an
extremely talented dancer himself but too bad he’s a He. If not he would
sure be joining in the dancing too haha. The band is HUGE this year. And
as they say, strength comes in numbers. With the Merry Miss-el’ Toes and a
17 piece band, the show is definitely going to be just WOW!

4. We’re curious about the “naughty” (with Kumar) and “nice” (with Hossan
Leong) versions of Crazy Christmas this year. Can we bring our young
children and grandparents to the family friendly version?

J: Yes, definitely bring your kids/grandparents to Hossan’s ‘cleaner’,
family-friendly show from 28th November – 2nd December. For people who love a bit more of
raunch and spice, remember Kumar will appear from 4th December – 9th December.

5. As much as Crazy Christmas is great entertainment, it is also a show
that brings people together during the festive season and reminds us of
the goodness of friendship and love. Describe one heartwarming moment
behind the scenes of Crazy Christmas.

J: Ah. We just had a rehearsal with some volunteers from HPB, who are in
support of people living with AIDs. They will be performing a musical
medley with us and when I met them for the first time and we all sang the
first few words, the molecules in the air changed. Sure, Crazy Christmas
is lots of razzle dazzle, but when we rehearse this particular item, it
really brings home the spirit of Christmas – of caring and sharing.

6. If you could cuddle up to someone from the silver screen this Christmas,
who would it be?

J: Oooh… cuddle? Gosh how do I decide? I really love the screen sirens
though… Vivien Leigh is top on my list. She is simply beautiful. But
there’s also Hedy Lamarr, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner.. Oh I can’t choose!

7. Tell us all about your craziest Christmas ever.

J: Spending Christmas Eve in Orchard Road once, many years back. That was
crazy because Orchard Road was so flooded with people, I could not even

Crazy Christmas 2012 is playing at the Esplanade Theatre from 28th  November – 9th Dec 2012. Tickets range from S$37 – S$117 and are available from SISTIC. To read about Jtbeans’ experience at Crazy Christmas 2011, please click here.


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