We Heart Emma – a memorial concert and fundraiser for The Emma Yong Fund

Camaraderie. A word that came to mind after attending “We Heart Emma”, a memorial and fundraising concert for the late Emma Yong. Familiar strains filled the Esplanade Concert Hall as guests streamed in to Emma’s splendid rendition of “When all the tears have dried” (Dick Lee, Stephen Clark for Sing to the Dawn). And it […]

Review of “Vertical Road” by The Ruminating Squirrel

I just received news that the Singapore Arts Festival will take a hiatus next year. While I puzzle over that decision, am grateful for yet another guest review on a recent dance performance at the arts fest. This review was written by my friend and colleague, The Ruminating Squirrel!   Title of performance:  Vertical Road […]

Baked beans – a commentary

The mysterious polarizing Sticker Lady Who is the Sticker Lady, SKL0? In my eyes, she’s just another person who is the subject of an online petition which has gone viral on Facebook and other social networking sites. She’s no one significant, just someone who showed me the ills of herd behaviour on social media yet […]

Spilling the beans (weekly highlights) 6 June – 13 June

1. Unheard voices of the Red Light District This exhibition put up by Dixie Chan and Felicia Low of Project X showcases the lives of 9 anonymous women who work in the red light district in Singapore. It’s a multimedia installation that aims to create awareness about the issues these women face. As most of […]

Budak Pantai at the Singapore Arts Festival

I was absolutely ecstatic when I found out that Budak Pantai was having their inaugural appearance at the Singapore Arts Fest. Funny that I was first ushered into the world of weird and wonderful at the Festival Village (Esplanade Park). After catching glimpses of someone having a picture of pikachu shaved into his hair, spying […]