Spilling the beans (weekly highlights) 30 May – 6 June

May 30 – June 6 A weekend of music and movement. 1. 55 Minutes – Conversation through dance This co-presented dance performance with Maya Dance Theatre, Singapore, and ODC Dance, USA, promises an interesting cross-cultural collaboration. If you’re into contemporary dance and how it is married with more traditional dance forms, why not check this […]

Spilling the beans, 23 – 30 May – Some highlights of the Singapore Arts Festival 2012

May 23 – May 30 It’s here! That time of the year where we attempt to be artsy. Whip out your wallets everyone, time to splurge on a play or musical performance that could easily cost you S$60.00 a pop. An abundance of events await – from film, dance, instrumental, theatre, installation…fortunately for us there are […]

Spilling the beans (weekly highlights) 16 – 23 May

ARTS ARE FOR ALL. This page is a new initiative by Jtbeans, to bring you her take on what’s interesting to take a look at in Singapore! She might not have the time or resources to review all of the upcoming highlights, but hopes that you will have a chance to head on down before […]

A not-so idyllic dream of Farce and Fanfare – Review of the SRT’s “Twelfth Night”

Title of Production: Shakespeare in the Park, Twelfth Night Theatre Company: The Singapore Repertory Theatre Date of performance: 11 May 2012 Performance Venue: Fort Canning Park You have to be partial to the slapstick to sit through Shakespeare’s comedies. You have to be even more partial to affected pretention to sit through this production. A […]

Review of “A Chorus Line” by PatchworkDolly

I’m proud to say that Singapore is fast becoming the arts hub of the East, where we are being treated with first-class arts performances from around the world. And I am privileged to present to you another wonderful review from one of my guest reviewers, PatchworkDolly, of Broadway’s A Chorus Line. Read her original review here. Title […]

Review of W!ld Rice’s “Romeo and Juliet” by Ceadsearc

In this review, I invite special guest writer Ceadsearc to provide his thoughts on W!ld RIce’s Romeo and Juliet. He gives such a glowing review of it that I have to kick myself for missing this remake.  Title of Production: Romeo and Juliet Theatre Company: W!ld Rice Date of performance: 28 April 2012 Performance Venue: Drama […]