Shadow spaces: Photographs of the Old Supreme Court by Sean Dungan

This was a bit of a hit and miss. The teaser on the brochure promised a revelation of “rough, ephemeral beauty” and “naturally illuminated empty spaces of the Old Supreme Court and other buildings”. But what I did encounter at the Asian Civilisations Museum were naturally empty spaces in its under-visited gallery. Jokes aside, Los […]

Review of Blank Space Theatre’s play, “Freud’s Last Session”

Title of Production: Freud’s Last Session (Part of Esplanade’s The Studios series) Theatre Company: Blank Space Theatre Date of performance: 14 April 2012 Performance Venue: Esplanade Theatre Studio The premise of the play was philosophically¬†tantalizing. On a morning in September 1939, against the backdrop of England entering World War II, Sigmund Freud, atheist and psychoanalyst, […]